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Live at Bookmart Sligo. Photo by Shane Benjamin.

Ocean Floor is the solo project of Aonghus Reidy (b.1985), an Irish composer of slowly evolving harmonies and soundscapes for instruments such as synthesizer, harmonium and piano. Since the release of ‘Ocean Floor’ in 2011, he has recorded several albums of electronic and instrumental music, with elements of ambient, minimalist and experimental styles.

After finding an antique harmonium in a local salvage shop, his music took a new direction. The creaking bellows gave rise to ‘Jupiter’, an album that melds 19th-century music technology with dense clouds of electronic sound and reverb. This instrument also features prominently on 2018’s ‘Redland’, this time mixed with pared-down piano compositions and subtle electronic soundscapes. 
Other releases, such as ‘Dream Of The Sleeping Stones’ (2018) and ‘Void/Through’ (2019), have used the sounds of analogue and digital synthesizers to create surreal landscapes of dark reverberations and fog-like drones. Simple melodies emerge out of the distance and fade into the depths again. After several releases exploring electronic soundworlds, he is currently writing some new guitar music due for release at the end of 2021.

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